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Language Corner | September 27, 2010, 12:22:38 AM
[SHARE] Poem


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[SHARE] Poem
« on: September 27, 2010, 12:22:38 AM »
wanna share some poem  /:D

Deep Love

Second.. minute.. hour..
when the tears aren't meant for me..
and memories when i'm with you..
just like the fake smile that i show to you..

Fear ..pain.. and worried..
always haunted me
when you say
"good bye"

I try to move on..
but there's no way to go..
i was stuck in the suck game..
make me weak and desperate..

When i think back on my past..
what you say, what you do for me..
make me awake from this trap..
and bring me to life..

But in the end, if i'm with you,..
i never said that i love you
because you know

how deep my love for you...

Heart's Key

This confusion always haunted me. . .
Cut off each road in my mind. .
Together with accompanied this heart's wound. . .
I could only quiet and mourned. .

Would all of this end?
That restless always in my heart. .
Can't dissapier with time. .
And the night wind like stab this heart. . .

I always try to walk. .
But i can't. . .
Coz it was too big chasm in front of me. . .
Appear to not give me hope completely. . .

Finally i want to hidding. .
But there's no place. .
All of the road in my heart been closed. .
Can i open it again?

I found that broken key. .
The key to open my heart. .
But its impossible. .
Bcause half of the broken key was in you. . .


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Re: [SHARE] Poem
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Lagu yang cocok untuk pengantar tidur


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